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We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services to our clients aiming to become a partner in their enjoyable daily life.


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To become one of the largest manufacturing companies that provide its customers with world-class products and services and performance


Bathtubs and Jacuzzis



Who we are Red Sea

Our story

We believe that success has no limits and that creativity is endless. The company was established in 1990 with a view to becoming 2025 one of the largest global institutions in the fields of manufacturing acrylic basins. Our success story, which continued over these years, has clear indications and luminous signs, with our early penetration into the manufacture of acrylic basins, and products that are distinguished by superior quality and materials conforming to international specifications in manufacturing, selling, and distributing, influencing these broad confident steps in the local and European markets, through the introduction of our latest models that satisfy All tastes, and open its distribution channels in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the European Union.

From our experience, work, and perseverance, and with the use of technology, and the integration of various technologies into the industrial process for a distinguished production of its kind, we lay _ now _ the cornerstone for our new and continuous development mission by establishing the new Salhia factory with the latest equipment and machines in the ceramic industry according to the latest international quality standards

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